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    My Dreams

    This space is dedicated for some of my life's ambitious, sweet, cute, daring, silly, stupid dreams.
    • Buy a nice cycle
    • Roam around the world
    • Mentor atleast 10 people during my lifetime and see them achieve their dreams !!! (oh this is my favorite)
    • Get into a Top B school
    • Enjoy the 2 years of MBA
    • Do a great MBA internship
    • Do a exchange program during MBA
    • Make atleast 3 lasting friends and some hundred new friends during MBA
    • Master the art of Yoga n Pranayama (On the way to realize this dream !!)
    • Buy a car for my parents
    • Have a home with a sea facing window seat !! If not a sea, some water body will do !!
    • Give a music concert (have done couple of performances, but a full fledged performance is what am dreaming about)
    • Learn Skuba diving
    • Do Paragliding/para sailing/water rafting
    • Climb himalayas
    • Spend few days on Kerala boat houses
    • Start/Run a successful business (for profit or social enterprise ) 
     More to come ......