To do or Not to do MBA

The MBA picture is not all rosy. Last year few Indians rejected their US B school admits for Indian B schools
Here is what they had to say

Even today it doesn't take much effort to see that the people are divided over whether To or Not To MBA. This is specially true for international applicants aiming at US B schools. Here are some useful posts on current situation

Being one such applicant, let me narrow down the scope of this issue to the worth of doing MBA in USA . Here is my perspective. At the end Will I or Wont I do an MBA in US of A? Read on !!

Reasons that goes against a US MBA
  • Recession has had lingering effects on US MBA.
  • Job market in US is tightening specially for International students.
  • Student loans are not so easy to avail.
  • Asian B-schools are turning up to be very strong alternatives for US MBAs .
Reasons that vouch for an US MBA
  • MBA is not Just about Money

    Come on I mean MBA is 1st about management. Its about all those hard and soft skills that get honed. Its about spending couple of years with some of the smartest people in the industry. Its about the transformational experience that a MBA ensures for every student. Not to forget the lifelong relationships that we make while being in B school. Be it the classmates, Profs, alumni, career counselors, room mates or any other person who crosses our path during the MBA Journey.

    For me MBA is not just about the 1st job and the stupendous money that will follow.  Even after spending a mini fortune on my MBA, I am sure it'll be worth the risk given the lifelong gifts like those mentioned above.

  • International exposure

    I am a passionate patriot all the way. India has a very very special place in my heart. No country can even come closer to India. That doesn't make me chauvinist either.

    When it comes to exposure, diversity and opportunities on plate, US definitely can claim a top spot. The kind of international experience which a US MBA can offer will definitely leave me enriched. And I look forward to it eagerly !!!

  • MBA outside India = 2 years out of my comfort zone

    I am a kind of person who loves new experiences. Being a localite (aka not being away from home and stayed in a hostel !! ) all my life , getting pampered by parents everyday (but that has not made me a weak gal by any way.. Nah !!) I think I have enjoyed being in my comfort zone for long enough time.

    Two years of MBA, therefore, would also mean a lot more to me. I would learn to be on my own, out of my comfort zone (not like I love to do that. Any day I will choose the warmth of being with my parents against whatever the alternate option is !! )

    But I feel its very important to come out your comfort zone often so that you expand your limits. And for me, I can be anything but static !!!
So by this time, it might be clear that my heart and mind clearly votes FOR mba and all the experience that comes with it.So for one last time I WANT TO DO AN MBA . PERIOD.



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