My guide to MBA Informational interviews

If you have recently started considering MBA option, you must consider doing informational interviews. Here is my guide to do an effective informational interview.

  • Step 1 : Finding whom to interview

    Following are some good sources to find out potential candidates for informational interview.
    • Colleagues in your company who are the alumna of your target B schools
    • Alumni Directory published in school websites
    • B-school faculty

  • Step 2 : Requesting an informational interview

    Be professional when you request for an informational interview. Here are the things to keep in mind while making this request

    • Have a meaningful subject line clearly stating the purpose. This way your mail will have the better chance of being noticed. 
    • Use proper salutation and keep it semi formal. 
    • Don't tell a long story in the beginning of the mail. The 1st paragraph should include
      • introduction about yourself
      • how you got their contact 
      • what you intend to get from them
    • Its good to propose 2 time options for the meeting and let them choose the convenient one.
    • End the mail with a proper signature. 
  • Step 3 : Preparing & conducting your interview

    Here is a great post about how to conduct an impressive informational interview. Follow the steps. If you want to know what questions you can ask in an informational interview, visit this list of questions.
All the best !! Mail me and let me know your experience.



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