MBA Essays and Deadlines of top B schools - All in one place.

Hey all fella applicants, here are some cool MBA tools from Veritas Prep. Be sure check it out. I found it very useful
  • A useful compilation of MBA essays and deadlines for most of Top B schools in US, Europe and Asia.
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Paul said...

Hi madbubbles:

Thanks for spreading the word about the MBA Essay Map I put together. I appreciate it.

On the Veritas Prep blog I also created a couple of other "Cool MBA Tools" that your readers may be interested in.

A Google Calendar of MBA deadlines:

A list of online pre-MBA courses:

Please check it out!

Paul Lanzillotti

I am madbubbles said...

Dear Paul,

Thanks for these tools. They are very handy for mba applicants like me and my readers. I have updated my post with these links.


Anonymous said...

Hi Madhurya

Did you find any other books on the applications process useful?

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