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Its a well known fact that the US B schools have been dominated by white & male students. But its also well known that each B school craves to have a highly diverse student body.

Diversity enriches the class room experience by bringing in diverse perspectives to the table. So from past few years, B schools have been trying to increase the representation of Women and Minority students. If you fall to the category, read on !!

The representation is less because of the simple fact that the number of applicants is significantly less for this category. I am very sure if I fall to the minority category but being a young women, I would like to share my perspective about this particular category
  • One biggest challenge for women candidates is the age factor. B schools traditionally ask for around 4 5 years of professional work experience. A women can really struggle to get this much of experience and then take up a 2 year MBA simply because of the fact that family commitments would be on her already. Many talented women leave out a possible MBA option because of these reasons which is very sad.

    I would suggest that, if you are really passionate about doing your MBA, start looking out early. B schools now a days welcome early career candidates. But don't mistake early career candidates with naive, inexperienced candidates. You need to really broaden your perspective about the world, show a fast track career progress and try to take up as many leadership tasks as possible. Remember
    "Leadership is not defined by the title of your position but by your attitude towards the world"

  • In my country at least, one biggest drawback I see is the lack of women idols. We do have many great achievers in the field of politics, sports, industry, arts and etc. But we really don't see and interact with many women who have done their MBA from Top B schools. This means a lot of things
    • Many young gals would not even be aware of MBA options and the advantages it brings with it.
    • Even if someone decides to pursue this path, there is a clear lack of mentors who can guide them in the path. I agree, today with the help of internet, we can get all the information at our fingertips. But the guidance by an alumna can make a whole lot of difference.
      When I comeback to India post MBA, I would love to mentor other young gals who want take up this path. :) (one more dream !!) 

    But things are definitely not gloomy. If you are really passionate about pursuing your dreams, these blockers can be moved aside with your efforts

    PS : My parents definitely deserve a very special mention here. They have been the sweetest and most supportive guys all my life :) Never forced any decisions on me. They have given me the freedom to chase my dreams and believe me that has what made me possible to dream all these dreams :)
    Love ya amma appa :)
    (amma - Mother is Kannada language and appa - Father in Kannada Language)

    There are dedicated organizations working for this cause of increasing diversity. Be sure to check out the Forte Foundation, 85 Broads, MBA Diversity, gradview websites for some very useful resources.

    Here are some useful web resources regarding the topic. Be sure to check them out !!

    • http://www.usnewsuniversitydirectory.com/business-schools-students.aspx?mcid=50316
    • http://www.mbapodcaster.com/MBA_MoreInfo/WomenandMinoritiesMBA.asp?iEpisode=28

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