Just created a RSS collection of Haas blog feeds. Get all the Haas news at one place.

This one is for people interested in Haas. As I told in my previous post - what-makes-haas-my-dream-school
, Haas has a strong online presence. It has multiple blog channels through which it updates about the latest happenings at Haas.

In an effort to help those who are interested to get the updates from Haas, I have created a RSS Feed collection which comprises of multiple Blog feeds from Haas. So all you need to do is to subscribe to my RSS feed bundle by clicking on the button below

Alternatively, you can anytime subscribe to this feed by using the widget "Haas Happenings" which you will find in the footer of my blog page. Following are the list of blogs which are included in the bundle. Please note there is no need to subscribe separately for each of this. Instead subscribing to the above bundle will get you the latest feed from all the below blogs. Enjoy !!

How to get into the Berkeley MBA Program   
The Director of Admissions for the Full-Time MBA program discusses the admissions process.

How to get into the Berkeley EWMBA Program   
Interested in a part-time program? Hear from the  Director of Admissions for the Evening Weekend         MBA Program.

A year in the life of a Haas student
Full-time students share their experiences getting a Berkeley MBA.
Part-timers juggle work and school  
Evening Weekend MBAs blog about maintaining their professional and student lives.

Classroom innovation goes beyond books
Full-time Berkeley MBA students share class projects that turned fresh ideas into firsthand experiences.

 Meet the Haas Student Ambassadors
HSAs work with the admissions office to provide a student perspective to prospective students.

Bringing high-tech products to market
The latest news and events taking place with the Management of Technology (MOT) Program.
Analyzing global issues
Read the latest from the director of the Haas School's Clausen Center for International Business Policy.
MBA students hit the (international) road
MBA students travel abroad as consultants as part of the International Business Development program.


Anonymous said...

I so wish you convert Haas, your passion for the school is indeed inspiring. Good Luck

madbubbles said...

Thanks Shoonya. Yes I really like the school. But posts like this, I hope will help other Haas MBA aspirants as well.

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