This cute video seems to indicate my possible MBA experience

Docomo Friendhip express - One of my favorite ads in recent times. The storyline goes like this. People, total strangers and very different from each other are traveling in what supposed to be the Friendship Express. But the atmosphere is anything but friendly as they are not comfortable with each other. We can see a clear intimidation caused by the fact that people are strangers to each other. But then one of the fellow traveler decides  to ease up the atmosphere and starts singing a tune. Person by person, one by one joins the group to hum the tune and there arises a sense of togetherness. The ad ends with a message -
Why walk alone when we can dance together !
I love the tune, I love the feel good concept ever more :)

Yes am an emotional person and concepts like these catch my attention and appreciation but why a mention on my MBA blog ? Every time I see this ad, I get a strange feeling that my MBA experience is going to be similar to this. The initial intimidation of being in a strange new place with total strangers will definitely give way to a comfortable atmosphere, great new bonds and lifelong relationships ! Oh I am gonna love it :)

Would love to hear the perspectives of current students who would've gone through such experiences.



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