Laptop for B school - Mine is here :) The lenovo thinkpad Edge !!!

Cool new addition to my gadget list - Lenovo thinkpad edge :)

I am a technophile n its no wonder that I love gadgets ;) Thanks to my impending B school journey, I just got myself a super cool fully loaded laptop :) Its Lenovo thinkpad edge 14" black laptop and man I am in love with it from the time I got it in my hands. Thinkpads are well-known for their sturdy make and this is no exception. The keyboard is just awesome with mac style keys and super responsive trackpad. Its fully loaded with the latest i3 processor and windows 7 :) Last 2 days were spent in setting up all software and stuff on my new EDGE ;)

Just loving it !!! N literally am living on the EDGE ;)

Yay !! Done with my US Visa

Sorry for being inactive for long time. I am back and hope to post regularly from now on.

Just yesterday I got my US Visa approved at US Consulate, Chennai. As I had all necessary documents ready, Visa interview was a hassle free experience. Read my post on MBA podcaster blog to help you prepare for your visa interview. Now am left with shopping (yay !!!) and packing. In coming days will be writing more about the crazy phase of pre-matriculation. 

Have fun !