A request - Dont ask for other's MBA essays

One of the nicest takeaways of starting this blog is an opportunity for me to interact with several new people who visit my blog. Everyday I get emails from my blog readers. Most write to ask info about MBA admissions process and some write just to connect with me. I am really glad to connect with my readers and also help them in their MBA application process within my time limits.

But off-late am noticing a disturbing trend. Few of the readers are asking me to share my MBA essays with them and I am not at all happy with this. It has 2 very practical reasons
  1. MBA application process is all about being yourself. Everyone has a unique profile and a unique story. And a MBA essay is mostly about YOUR story. So that directly implies that one has to come up with his/her OWN story to make it successful in MBA admissions.

    Though its not wrong to refer to sample essays to get an idea of format & language used, referring too much to others essays is sure shot formula to doom in the MBA application process. Why ? Simple - Once we have a ready-made essay with us, it will definitely impact one's willingness to dig into his own life to come up with his personal story.

    So for your own good, never ever have others' essays as your starting point if you want to succeed. Instead spend a lot of time in introspection and come with your OWN story. Remember there is no right or wrong answer to an MBA essay. Its all about BEING YOURSELF. And remember it pays !!
  2. Secondly, if anyone is planning to take a short cut route to MBA admissions, remember we have some super experienced guys as adcoms. They usually read some tens of thousands of essays every year and with that magnitude of experience they can readily say how much of your story is truly yours. Read this interesting article on Business week - http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/blogs/mba_admissions/archives/2010/01/turnitin_begins_crackdown_on_plagiarism_in_admissions_essays.html

This is my sincere effort to make (few) my readers understand the importance of coming up with own essays. Being said that, you should definitely involve others for essay reviews. I hope they take it on a positive note and rock in the admission process. I only want my blog friends to succeed.

All the best !

My first MBA assignment is here

Its been long since I posted on my blog. I have quit my work and preparing for my transition while taking a much needed break at home. I have got my loan approved and sent my documents for I20. Also booked my air tickets with Air India.

Today Tepper sent me my 1st ever MBA assignment - Accounting workbook. I need to complete this pre summer assignment before I leave to Tepper. Am yet to turn around the pages of the book and I plan to do it starting in June.

Am all excited to be a student again :) My dad is a commerce graduate and banker with 3 decades of experience in commerce, accounting and finances. So seems like he will be my 1st MBA guru as I plan to take few lessons about accounting and finances from the in house expert  :)

More to come..

Amazingly Inspiring. Period.

Yay !! Clear admit BOB top 3..

I was out of town yesterday and when I opened my laptop today, I realized that Clear admit BOB results are out. Much to my pleasure, I have been voted among top 3 applicant bloggers. My dear friends, Dream chaser and Hari have bagged the top spots and am so so happy for them. Here are the top ten spots for mba applicant bloggers. Congrats all :)

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4. Rocky http://yoadrian.wordpress.com/
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6. XLick http://xlick.blogspot.com/
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