Mind boggling interview questions by google

My Randon browsing journey led me to this interesting yet super difficult set of i/v questions asked by google in its job interviews. Try out these brain benders


"LSMBA" said...

Um, just glancing at them, they're asking you to come up with a formula / method to answer each question. For instance, for golf balls you need the volume of the bus and the volume of a golf ball. For extra credit, get the volume of the seats/steering wheel and the volume of the steps down. You can explain your logic, then guestimate to fit your formula.

All of them are looking for your logic / thought process, not the exact answer... 'why are manhole covers round' well, what goes through a manhole, and what is the best shape to fit that. Now with that in mind, is there a structurally superior shape, or a shape that's easier to use in manufacturing? etc. If you did a trapezoid, could the lid fall through the manhole?

For most you can write a dummy formula and explain it, then fill in dummy numbers. The formula/explanation are the key bit, not the exact #, in my view. Google does not expect you to know the answer to these questions, but to be able to explain how you would get there.

madbubbles said...

@LSMBA, True. In such interviews they always test our ability to approach the problem in the right way.

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