Let the journey BEGIN !!!!

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How much ever cliched it might sound, its true that every end is a beginning to another journey. And for me tomorrow marks one such important moment as I fly to Pittsburgh. This journey also marks the beginning of the new phase of my life as a MBA student. Away from my home and my people, this phase is going to be challenging in all ways.

In next 2 years, I hope to learn a great deal of things - personal & professional, meet a lot of new people, make some lasting bonds and be a better me :-)

This will be my last post from India. Next update from the other part of the world :) 
Wish me luck !! Let the Journey BEGIN!!!!


Manvi said...

Hi Madhurya! All the best for your MBA journey.
I have been following your blogs and I really appreciate your efforts.
I will be applying to Tepper for the Fall 2011 course and want to get in touch with you.
Can I get your email ID or any other means of contacting you?

Arun Anand said...

Best of luck Madhurya. Will look forward to your posts from Pittsburgh.

Shivraj said...

Awesome again and again and again!

Have a wonderful experience over there ! Will be waiting for ur posts as usual :)
Wish you safe and happy journey!

Grayson said...

I'm so excited for you, Madhu! Best of luck!!!

Madhurya Prakash said...

@Manvi, you can use contact me button on the right side bar to mail me.

@others, thanks all

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