Career Guidance : The Investment Banking Interview Guide

  All About Investment Banking by gotta mentor

These articles will help you learn more about Investment Banking, and outlines what it takes to find a job in this
exciting industry.

An Insider's Look at Investment Banking Recruiting
Suggested Reading List: Investment Banking / Private Equity
Differences Between Bulge Bracket and Growth Investment Banks
Why are you interviewing with consulting firms AND investment banks?

  Interview Prep

Here are some helpful articles to guide you through what you need to know before you walk into your interview.

5 Common Investment Banking Interview Questions That Most People Screw Up
Elevator Pitch Example for a College Student - Investment Banking
Preparing for Investment Banking Interviews
Advice For People Interviewing For I-Banking Internships
Actual Brainteasers Asked in Sales and Trading Interviews
Stumped By a Difficult Question in an Investment Banking Interview
DCF Example - Valuing a Cow
Financial Glossary


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