Heat of Round 1 deadlines and Light of Deepavali Celebrations

Its been long since I got time to write a blog post. Time is flying by and even before I could realize, my round 1 deadlines are just a week away !!

Week days just disappear at work. Only one positive thing is that I have resumed my yoga classes so it has been helping me in keeping the sense of balance in life.

But after morning yoga and a busy day at work, am really not able to work on my essays in the week nights. So it leaves the weekends to my rescue. This weekend is a 3 day long weekend because of deepavali festival. Deepavali is one of my favorite festivals when we light a loads of lamps to lit up our houses and burn crackers. It symbolizes the journey towards enlightenment.

So that exactly reflects my state. Feeling the heat of fast approaching deadlines, enjoying the light of deepavali celebrations.



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