Social Media in MBA admissions

In this age of  social media, MBA admissions is no exception from coming under the influence of social media tools like twitter, blogs, facebook and etc. Almost all schools have their twitter feeds, maintain blogs and facebook pages. Veritas Prep has come up with a detailed report on this phenomena -
Some important points include
  • Despite all the buzz in the past year about Facebook and Twitter, good old-fashioned blogs still seem to be the most preferred method for communication, with more than 60% of the top 50 U.S. business schools maintaining a regular blog presence. 
  • Many school approach social media as they do all forms of media: as a way to push out their messages to their intended audience. However, that's only half of the potential of thee channels. The "pull" approach invites applicants to talk back, getting their questions answered and giving instant feedback to the school, as well as helping the admissions office learned more about the individual applicants. As Martinelli explains, "We learn more about our applicant needs which helps us to design better communications. Plus, these exchanges provide us with valuable content that helps us in the evaluation process."
  • “Leveraging authentic institutional voices in social media outreach also offers applicants a glimpse of the
    MBA program’s community.”
I really like the Veritas Prep's efforts to research the MBA application aspects in detail and share it with the world.


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