Tepper's cool new acceptance video

Yesterday morning when I received the Tepper decision email, it had a link to this cool new acceptance video. Thought I will share it on my blog

While doing this I learned how to grab the flash videos from web and embed them in blogs :) Yeah :)



Matt said...

madbubbles, the video isn't working for me! It says the video is private...

Is there a way for you to make it viewable?


sh00nya said...

Same here can't view the video, nevertheless congrats a ton on the Tepper admit and good luck with the rest of the results.

madbubbles said...

Matt and sh00nya thanks for your wishes. My youtube videos are private and that's the reason for this problem. Instead you can view them on this link http://www.tepper.cmu.edu/bschoolnews2010

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