Ding from Haas

After more than 3 months of wait, I got a ding from Haas today. But have no regrets for putting my best into this application.. Things are more clearer now.. And I have happily accepted what ever this MBA application journey has offered to me.. 2 admits (Tepper, Olin) and 2 dings (Darden and Haas) and infinite learning and some great bunch of friends.

So here I move on.. From applicant phase to pre-matriculation phase. Hearty congratulations to those who got in.. And empathy to those who couldn't..


H A R I said...

Oh boy. so sorry to hear that. But I really admire your for the way to gracefully handled this. But hey I agree, with all the ups and downs, this application journey has been a truly learning experience.

So whats it going to be now - Tepper or Olin? :)

madbubbles said...

Hi Hari, Thanks for the support. Its going to be Tepper :) My 1st application and probably its true when they say 1st choice is the best choice. Given my interests in technology management, Tepper is a great fit. Hence I will be going with Tepper..

DreamChaser said...

no worries, Tepper will be great for you! :) I didn't make it in Haas either, not even an interview, but I am so numb that I don't even bother writing a post about it lol~

now life is gonna get super busy with all the preparation and stuff! enjoy it the fullest!

Elizabeth Dark said...

Congrats on Tepper - you'll love it there, I'm sure!! And whatever is meant to be will be :).

madbubbles said...

@DC, yeah I am sincerely happy with Tepper and it fits my goals really well :)

@Elizabeth, Thanks a ton dear !!

This is what I meant when I said a bunch of great friends who jump in to support me everytime. You guys rock :)

H A R I said...

Hey, Congratulations on your Tepper decision. CM is a fantastic school (my cousin went to CM) and I guarantee you that you are going to have a ball of a time! Have lots of fun and here is one recommendation - Quit your job and relax, party & Enjoi!


madbubbles said...

Great to know that your cuz went to CMU and liked it. Ya am hoping to have a great time.

And regarding your suggestion, I take it totally :) Am finishing on my responsibilities at work and will quit after April. May to August is going to be the me time :)

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