Haas loves me ; Haas loves me not

So here is a MBA love story which is waiting to end with a smile. Its a love story between me and Haas. So here goes the story till date.
It all started when I came to know about Haas through a common friend (Read more).
I was smitten by Haas and started to know more and fell in love. Haas was perfect fit for me and Haas had the power to make me complete (Read more).
Finally I proposed to Haas on 8th December 2010 and started the waiting game. Haas is taking a long time to think and reply to my proposal. Meantime I collected all possible info regarding whats happening with Haas and shared with the world (Read more).

Only few days left to decide my fate. But surprisingly I have been extremely calm during this waiting period. What will be his answer ? I will know on March 17th..

For now, I am spending my time by doing the "Haas loves me ; Haas loves me not" ritual. And praying that the answer will be positive. :)



Elizabeth Dark said...

Haha - I love the "proposed" to analogy - so true!! I hope he says yes!!

madbubbles said...

Thanks Elizabeth :) Yeah I hope so too..

Naren walks again said...

Hey madz,
I am Prabhu, Its the first time I am visiting your blog. Its so good to view your thoughts and various posts. Being my interest in Management I surfed a lot regarding various management topics. But your blog is indeed different and hope I ll continue to look into it.
So I think you might get admit from Hass. Any how congrats for it.
Please let me know about your updates.

madbubbles said...

Hi Naren,

Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me luck for Haas. You can get all the updates from my blogposts :-)

Yeah surely keep visiting your blog.

hisir336 said...

I was wondering if you accepted/declined Tepper?

hisir336 said...

Hi Madbubbles,

I was wondering if you accepted/declined CMU Tepper? Thanks.

madbubbles said...

Hi Hisir, I will be accepting the Tepper seat and I will be matriculating from Tepper.

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