Is it the time to share the real ME ? Yes

Hey all,

Yesterday marked the end of my MBA application journey. And boy whatta journey it has been. I started this blog with the intention to share my MBA application journey. Its been 8 months already. Time surely flies by. Honestly, when I started this blog I never thought more than the application phase. Now that I am headed to Tepper and the road has become even more challenging, I have no plans to stop my blogging here.

This blog opened up a new side of myself which I myself was not aware of - my creative side. It gave me a confidence that I am not only a talker (I talk too much LOL) but can also share my thoughts through writing. And it has been immensely rewarding.

Now I am thinking that its a good time to end my anonymity on this blog. What do you guys think ? Should I disclose the real me or continue to be the elusive Mad Bubbles ?? Leave your thoughts in the comments. This is going to be some harmless fun :D

update - Felt its the right time to end anonymity. I have added my real name and links to my facebook and linked in :)


DreamChaser said...

funny I had the same thought a couple of days ago. But then I had a discussion with my bf and realized that I am just not ready to make myself into a brand yet. So I am still gonna keep blogging semi-anonymously (not intentionally hiding my identity but not really make it into a personal site). I think it's about readiness, if you are ready, go for it girl :)

madbubbles said...

Hey DC, tats a nice coincidence. Yeah so true tat its all about me being ready. In fact I am starting another blog to share my personal rants and keep this blog for my MBA journey.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts DC :)

Freddie said...

Congrats on getting into Tepper! good luck and best wishes!

Madhurya Prakash said...

Thanks Freddie !

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