Exciting new developments

Blogging my journey on madologue has been immensely rewarding for me.
To name a few
  • Increased self awareness of me as a person
  • Clear cut perception about why I need an MBA and what do I expect from it
  • Better flow in writing and ease in expressing my thoughts
  • Lot of new friends and well wishers
  • Exciting new opportunities (will write a new post once I confirm few developments)
One important update I want to share is starting from next month, I will be featuring a post which contains a Q&A session I had with a current MBA student at various B schools. This is my effort to provide the MBA applicants with diverse perspectives about MBA, B school and life as a student.

Watch out for this space for more details.

If any of my blog visitors want to contribute to this section or know of any student who can contribute, please contact me or leave a reply to this post. 



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