Why I want to come back to India post MBA ?

As I am mentioned in my previous post,  I am a big time patriot !! I just love my country. But that is not the only reason why am planning to come back to India. It seems like a right decision to me for some more reasons. Here are those.

  • India - the new super power of Asia

    India is heading the new wave of global competitors originating in developing economies that are quickly becoming dominant in a variety of industries. No I don't mean only the IT sector where India leads but it also includes companies in steel, brewing, IT, aerospace, and other areas that are very quickly rising to a position of leadership globally.

    In this post, "Learn from the World-Beating Strategies of Emerging Market Competitors, says LBS' Sull", Don Sull talks about the emerging markets in Asia.

    So its safe to assume that there will be a lot of opportunities and some significant business challenges which gives me a great time to start my post MBA career.

  • Home is where the heart is

    I am very much attached to my home, my parents and my friends. So its a welcome move for me to comeback home after 2 years at US of A.

  • US Job Markets

    Though things are improving, it stills feels like it might be difficult to secure a good job in US of A being an international students. But this may not be true by the time I finish my MBA (2012) but nevertheless a thing to be aware of. 
This is what is my current thought process. I am flexible about my career path and doesn't strictly rule out any possible alternatives. It will be interesting to see what is in store for me 



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