Lets keep in touch the twitter way !!

Hey All,

I added a twitter based discussion forum - twitter board - to my blog. Now you can post your thoughts/comments/requests/rants as tweets using this cool new feature.To get started just click on the vertical button on the left side of the window which reads TWEETS. So go on friends, try this out and let me know what you think. Lets keep in touch the twitter way !!

I have few more updates to share which I will list down here briefly. Work is keeping me very busy but I plan to write a detailed post about each of these some time soon
  • Attended Darden Coffee Chat Bangalore.
  • Attended Berkeley Coffee Chat Bangalore
  • Finished my Darden interview  on 7th January. It was a telephonic interview with Adcom.Will be hearing from Darden this 28th and am keeping my fingers crossed to hear a Yes from this school which is so close to my heart !!
  • Got interview invite from Olin (WUSTL) and am yet to schedule it. 
  • Received my Tepper welcome packet (loved it). Checking out loads of letters and info which accompanied the welcome packet. Will also be attending the Tepper admit student meet which is happening in Bangalore this 30th.
  • Clueless about the post admit processes like Visa, I20 and loans. Can anybody help me !

So whats up with you folks ???

P.S - Twitter Board is a new technology on board and still in alpha stage. If you want to try it out you can get an invite here


DreamChaser said...

haha, welcome to the world of frustrating administrative tasks associated with the life of an international student~ it only gets worst...but it's an adventure worth fuzzing with :)

H A R I said...

Social media is the way to go!! BTW good luck with Darden. Any questions on visa or I-20 feel free to ping me.

madbubbles said...

@Dreamchaser, Yeah, its the next big thing in the application journey.. Hope I can make it.

@Hari, Thanks a lot for offering help. I will definitely ping you.

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