What will I eat when I leave my home for my MBA

Are you looking out for some useful mba related information in this post ?
case 1 - yes  - Then close this window and do something useful. This post has got nothing to do with MBA stuff

case 2 - No you are just looking out for some fun reading and ready to read my rants about myself. Yeah you are at a right place. Go on !

To those who don't know the kind of foodie I am, here is a brief list down. I love the food if its
  • pure veg
  • No garlic
  • preferably prepared by my amma (mom) :D
Yeah am a pure, total, hard core veggie who runs away even by the smell of garlic. So forget meat/egg/whatever else. But there are so many delicious recipes that fall under my area of "eatables" that I can safely call myself a FOODIE.  :D . And yeah am a decent cook too :) but when amma is around, all I do is enjoy her "kai adige"  (kannada term meaning the food prepared by her)

So I was lil curious about my fate (Read it as I am REALLY WORRIED ABOUT WHAT WILL I EAT !!) when I come to US this fall. Have heard about how hard it can get to get a real vegetarian meal abroad.
My web scouting landed me to this interesting flow chart (courtesy : Topcultured) about what to eat.
Perfecto !! Was this the answer to my foodie worries ? I decided to check out. But it so happens that I answer no for every damn question here :(

Alas !!! my worries still continue to haunt me. I think its high time I went back to kitchen and sharpen my culinary skills. So my dear kitchen, here I come :)

For those who are getting curious, here is that foodie flowchart :) For full sized version click here

Found one more interesting food chart about if we should eat food which we dropped on ground. :D Courtesy  SFweekly


Kalyan said...

I dont think you should worry at all. I've been a veggie all my life and haven't found it tough at all...sure there will be very few choices at times, but if you're in a big city, there should be no worries at all...can't ever beat mom's cooking though!

madbubbles said...

Kalyan, your words surely cheered me up. Thanks !

Kalyan said...

You're welcome. Good luck for your MBA. I'm starting one as well this fall...should be exciting!

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