Ouch !!! 1st Ding - Darden says no

So here is the not so good news. Darden dinged me. Probably the fit factor dint work out. Yes am feeling sad. Feeling like a very dear one ditched me.

But time to move on. Life probably has chosen whats best for me (Tepper) or it has some probable good news in store (Haas or Olin). Am interviewing with Olin tomorrow.

A hearty congrats to those who got in.


sarahaccepted said...

Good luck with Olin tomorrow. Make sure you check out Accepted.com's interview database for additional prep/research/advice. (http://www.accepted.com/mba/interviews/search.asp?bhcp=1)

We're rooting for you!


madbubbles said...

Thanks Sarah. yeah I regularly use the Accepted.com i/v database for my i/v preps and its very useful.

Fábio Póvoa said...


I have been following your wonderful blog for months. I have been also in touch with Grayson (MBAinUSA) to contribute to the site as an international blog.

I am also that little star from Brazil blinking in your Bubble Visitor map on the right. :-)

And ... I have also an MBA applicant who has been dinged. I have been there and know how it feels (I should say "hurts").

And I feel impelled to write you to reinforce you and tell how a great work you have done on your blog, sharing your thoughts, tweeting and helping us all. Be strong, take a walk, be sure that Darden loses by not having you on their class and think positive that Haas will be wiser not to let you pass unnoticed.

Since I am a Haas (1st round) applicant, waiting ANXIOUSLY for an accepted news (have already interviewed in Brazil), I am also looking forward to have you on board at Berkeley !! :-)

Keep up the good work. All the best,

Fábio Póvoa

DreamChaser said...

I am sorry to hear that Madbubbles. But again it's life and we don't get all that we wanted, and it's ok :) First rejection always hurts but then again you've accomplished a lot with Tepper and the fellowship :) and the future is bright! :)

good luck with Olin and Haas, I am sure you will do well in whatever bschool you end up going :)

madbubbles said...

@Fabio Povoa, Nice to get in touch with you buddy.. Thanks for those words ; they really helped. All the best for your apps and yeah it would be great to catch up with you at Haas.

@DreamChaser, Thanks for the support. You guys rock :)

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