I just realized something..

Here is some more non mba stuff.. So if you are up for such reading then go on..

There is a sea change in me and the way I lead my everyday life since last year when I started my MBA application process. I am a out and out multidimensional person who is into multiple activities at any point of my life. Outdoors, leading a Bangalore NGO, Music usually keeps me engaged other than my profession. Amidst all these, I used to have that "Me time" where I used to do the apparently useless but tremendously self rewarding chores like staring at mirror (myself rather) :P Like any other typical young gal, I used to love this activity.

Today when cleaning my room, I looked at the mirror and just realized that its been so long since I had my "Me time". All through the MBA application phase, I looked into myself to do all the self reflection and while it was immensely rewarding, somewhere in the process, I stopped looking at the mirror altogether.. While this is just an example, it just showed that I stopped enjoying those lil lil moments of life due to my demanding life schedule..

No regrets whatsoever.. But I don't wanna lose those moments at this age of 22.. Life is more than just one thing, be it anything..

So I decided to put back the "Me time" in my everyday life again.. I am resuming my Yoga classes as a 1st step.. And ya some more time in front of mirror.. I am lovin it :)

Would love to listen the perspective of other MBA applicants in this regard. Guys please share your thoughts as comments..


DreamChaser said...

haha, mirror time~that's cute~you are soooo young btw!

I definitely agree that one has to take care of oneself in today's crazy busy and demanding world. Good health both physically and mentally, friendships and other close relationships are the ultimate source of livelihood and happiness. So keep up with those yoga classes! :)

madbubbles said...

Rightly said DreamChaser.. Yeah I am all excited about going back to my old ways :)

long_int said...

I agree with you. Self-reflection stuck me quite early. There was a similar phase with me when office work, essays, hobbies were at their respective peaks and I had to make the unfortunate decision to postpone/quit one of them.
So i postponed the essays part to second round for some schools. It was a hard decision. :)

H A R I said...

Nice post. I agree for the past year although i was doing things for "me", i never paused and took some time to enjoy some lonely "me-time".

But you know what, this is the second post that i'm reading about "Me time" this week. Wanna read another view, check this post http://vrushalimalde.wordpress.com/

madbubbles said...

Long Int, am sure your decision was worth the difficult decision making..

Hari, that's a interesting co incidence.. I read through the post you suggested.. It just shows how important it is to have the Me Time :)

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