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Hi all, its been pretty silent from my end. I was taking time to decide between Olin and Tepper. Given my goals in Technology and experiences with Tepper adcom and alumni, Tepper felt like the best fit for me and my goals. So here I go.. Tepper it is..

But with this decisions come tons to things to do.. Tepper has no loans without U S Cosigner. I don't have any immediate relative who is an US permanent resident or citizen. So I am trying to find a potential US Cosigner in my personal network. I hope to find one who will play a pivotal role in my MBA dream.. Will I find one ??


DreamChaser said...

try trusted/close family friends who are older and well established in the US. Or someone who knows you well and has vested interest in your career. It's actually quite a responsibility to be a co-signer~

madbubbles said...

Very True DreamChaser. I am trying on the same lines.

Foo-Blogger said...

Hey Madbubbles,

I've also applied to Tepper in R2.

There's a HSBC GSLC loan program especially for Indians. Though, I does seem like the interest rates are higher than what you get in the US, you could always fall back on this in the worst case.

madbubbles said...

Hey Foo-Blogger. Yes am aware of that program. But as you rightly said its expensive than a US Loan. So I am trying to see if I can get a loan in US itself

Jan said...
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Jan said...

Hi Madhyurya,

Prospective B-school international applicant here. Since you're all set for Tepper, I assume you were able to find a co-signer. I'm wondering if you have any apprehensions about taking out loans to finance your MBA? How about your co-signer? What were the conditions he/she/they laid out before lending you money? Are you using up loans to finance your entire tuition + living expenses or just part of it? Have you calculated how long it will take you to pay back the loan? I plan to apply for Fall 2011 admission and I think I will find myself in a situation similar to yours, so I'm hoping you can give me some insight.

If you're uncomfortable about answering here,do let me know where I can send you a private message.

Thank you very much and good luck with your studies!


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