Quick update on Olin - Forte Fellow again :)

Received my Olin admit packet today :) They have offered me scholarship of $12500 per semester which sums up to a total of $50k. hmmm :) this makes my Tepper Vs Olin dilemma slightly more stronger :(

I also received email about the Olin admit weekend today and this is what it reads

Dear M,

Congratulations again on your admission to the Washington University MBA Program! We’re having a very strong year here in the admissions department, and our Class of 2012 looks to be yet another outstanding group.

In order to further acquaint you with Washington University and its people, and to allow you to meet many of your future classmates, we are pleased to invite you to our annual Admit Weekend. This insightful and fun event will be held on campus April 9-10.


Update : Just viewed my Olin admit packet (previously my father had read the letter and called me)  and I must admit its awesome. A folder full of relevant information. I was up to a pleasant surprise. I have been selected as Forte Fellow again by Olin too :) And the scholarship of $50k is being given by Forte Foundation.  Now that is really a big honor for me. Am happy :)


H A R I said...

Fantastic!! You are on a roll here!!
BTW i got accepted to IESE Business School!! :)

DreamChaser said...

this is great M! Forte fellow no matter which one you choose :D congrats! Now you have a tough decision. Having been to both cities, I have to say Pittsburgh is a lot more fun though :P not to sway your decision making, hehe

madbubbles said...

@Hari, Thanks a lot.. And a big congratulations on your feat :) So happy for you !

@DC, Thanks a lot dear. And ya I really want some objective suggestions regarding both the schools so that I can make a decision. But given my aspirations in technology, Tepper has a clear edge.

Novem Frūctus said...

Hi, Congrats on your admit and schol.

However, you might want to take a look at this:
Especially the line that says "All University logos are trademarked and may be used for official University business only".

No offense, perhaps you are right in usage, perhaps not. In my free time, I sometimes work with people to design logos and images. And almost always, there are usage norms which either permit or prohibit usage of logos or images. In some cases you could use them with prior permission, in some cases not. You could check out my small post on this at novemfructus.blogspot.com

btw, I'm a fellow applicant at Olin. Cheers and All the best!

madbubbles said...

Hi Novem, Thanks for sharing your concern and I do see a point in it. I have removed the logo. All the best for Olin.

Sarah said...

Multiple acceptances WITH scholarships--You must be reveling in this amazing experience! You've got some major decisions to make and Accepted.com has some great resources on choosing between acceptances that may be helpful, like this one: www.blog.accepted.com/acceptedcom_blog/2008/12/26/mba-admissions-multiple-acceptances-and-waitlisted.html.

Olin...Tepper...Two great options! Congrats!

Sarah Pritzker

madbubbles said...

Thanks a lot Sarah. Yeah two great schools, but given my specific requirements from the program, I hope to make a sensible decision.

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