Weekend with Tepper in Bangalore

Hey all,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a highly social weekend this time.
Great people, Sumptuous food and a great time - this sums up my weekend :) 

Apart from the couple of family functions I attended this weekend, I also had great time in the Tepper Bangalore event that happened this Saturday in Le Meridian Bangalore.

The event was open was for round 1 admits/WL , round 2 applicants. Tepper Adcom members James Frick and Gwen Stanczak were present at the event. Occasion was also graced by 5 of the Tepper/CMU Alumni now based at India.

Alumni Panel was a informational discussion where each alumni shared his thoughts about why they chose to do MBA, why Tepper was their natural choice and how Tepper MBA has helped them to reach the stage they are now at. I could really draw some inspiration from these Alums and felt great to know that even I can learn all that and more from Tepper. One thing that really helped me cheer up was when one of the Alumni who is a teetotaler shared his experience at Tepper that how his friends respected his values and made his life easy at Tepper. That really means a lot to me. B school is where I can be myself even amongst 100 demanding cultural changes :) Am happy :) 

Then there was a MBA information session and the following video by current Indian students.
Indian community is very strong at CMU and that's a good news again :)

Also networked with few of the fellow admits and prospective applicants. And it feels kinda cool when so many people come and ask - Hey you are the Mad Bubbles right !! I like your blog..
World is really small.. I am not really as anonymous as I intended to be...

So whats up with you folks..


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