Need Help. Looking out for a Pre-MBA summer Internship

Hey all,

I am hoping to find some help from MBA blogosphere. As you all know I am starting my MBA this fall and intended career focus in general management with a focus on Technology entrepreneurship. Given my limited work experience (2 years before I begin MBA this fall), am looking out for a opportunity to intern this summer in a managerial/strategy position in India or USA.

Pre-MBA internships are not very common but I feel this is a excellent way to position yourself before MBA begins. This is especially important for Career changers or early career candidates like me.

So if any of you are thinking about such internship this summer or know any person/ any company who can provide me with such opportunity, please let me know.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


DreamChaser said...

that's actually a very smart move~ especially when most applicants just want to quick their jobs asap and travel around the world (lol, I think that's pretty cool too!)~ but in this economy, such internship might be hard to come by, so I would suggest trying to find some non-paid position if your financial situation allows~ even project based/shadowing type of work can be valuable~ anyway, good luck and keep me updated on your progress :)

madbubbles said...

Hey DC. Yeah even am a travel buff and would love to travel any-day. Taking a break and traveling before joining B school really makes sense when one has some solid work ex and solid savings in my humble opinion. Since am lacking on the years of work ex and savings, I feel I am better off learning new things before I come to US.

Sure I will keep you posted :)

Teja Sri said...

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